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Never Surrender Hope is a non profit run by an amazing group of people who volunteer their time and love to help those who are directly effected by substance use disorder. This includes those in active addiction and recovery as well as the families left trying to hold all the pieces together.


All funds will be directly going towards:
-Helping NSH with outreach that provides hope to so many who are lost and in

in need of hope
-Providing the proper essentials and necessities for those entering treatment

from the streets
-Helping those who have completed a treatment program with scholarships

into solid recovery homes
-Providing groceries to homes that are in need of a little extra support -Providing support for the families and loved ones
-Support group meetings for families, those in recovery as well as grief support -Feeding homeless shelters with love filled homemade meals to help provide a

a little hope

Donate $50

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